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What We Do:

We create high-quality, cheap TV commercials (that look like they cost millions) and offer discount air time -- for the smart entrepreneur or small business person who wants a high-quality, custom TV commercial at a value price.

Our quality, custom ads are available EXCLUSIVELY from our discount TV ad agency,

We really listen to you, then we create an ad from the ground, up -- a unique, handcrafted presentation that shows exactly what makes your company different...and better.

Award-winning Hollywood pros custom build your TV commercial for one low flat rate. No long term contracts required for air time. Fast and reliable turnaround. And... you can engage your site visitors with a web version of your custom TV ad, too!

1,000% Better: CUSTOM Makes All the Difference

Don't be a sucker! The automated television ad "template services" truly suck. Their fine print will even tell you that. Their hallmarks are overcharging for air time that doesn't really exist, and charging for additional changes that you only find out about after it's too late. Surprise! Your money is gone.

If you go for one of those template-built ads, all you get is your company name tacked-on to the end of a generic ad. Their cookie cutter ads are not built around your unique could such an ad possibly tell the world what makes your product or service unique?

Plus, these "services" scatter your airings, crushing effectiveness to near zero. Another thing the "Runner" people don't tell you -- you can't simply have your spot to air on your own. They control it. You can't have it. You can't post your ad on your web site, either. Don't be a sucker!

Those stinky automated TV ads that you've read about allow you to do the branding for your competitor and get charged many times the going rate for air time for the privilege -- proving there is a sucker born every minute.

What's a template ad?

A template ad seems like a TV commercial, but they send you through some automated fill-in form where you pick a pre-made ad boilerplate, and they substitute your company name in the blanks. Upside - the ad is usually not too pricey. Downsides - a.) the same boilerplate can be used by just about anybody, from fast-food to funeral homes to your competition, b.) it's a "captive ad"'re stuck airing through their limited airing system, and c.) with all the added fees and commissions, the air time will cost you through the nose (oops! there go any savings). And these are just a few of the downsides.

About Us

Real, nationally recognized quality and integrity from experienced Hollywood and television pros.

We're Nationwide!

Our award winning team has earned now over 190 international awards for television commercial production, and over 85 awards for film. We're

Hollywood pros with the expertise to help you sell your product or service with a great looking, smart message and carefully planned air time. Our Cheap TV SpotsŪ can help you reach your advertising goals. Start with our Production Our ad options start at just $999 for a complete and ready-to-air TV commercial -- an awesome, national quality commercial for a fraction of the cost.

We do it all, from the funniest commercials to the most sincere and discreet. Small business, chains, franchises, local, regional, or national. A flexible, affordable way to get better TV advertising.

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